December 3, 2013

Making Testing More Effective to Meet the ICD-10 Compliance Deadlines

Helix ALM
Issue Management
Recently, I've spent time talking with our customers and prospects in the health care space about their efforts to become ICD-10 compliant. The common refrain from all of them has been, "brute force isn't going to work at this late juncture." There's just not enough time or people on their IT teams to do all of the testing that's necessary between now and October 1, 2014. w2-RunTimeReport-LiveChart To help address this challenge, we're hosting a “Reducing Risk and Improving Visibility in Healthcare Regulatory Testing” webinar on December 12. The webinar is focused on helping hospital IT teams make more effective use of the time and resources they do have. Mark Lott, president of Lott QA Group, will join us to discuss how healthcare organizations can confidently deploy system upgrades to satisfy current and upcoming technology initiatives. If you're just now starting to review and assess the systems that will be impacted, or starting to plan the upgrade and testing effort needs to become ICD-10 compliant, you won't want to miss this webinar. We understand that you need to prioritize testing efforts to get the most bang for your testing buck. To help you realize that goal, Mark will:
  • Explain how to more effectively test new and upgraded systems and gain better insight into revenue risk
  • Discuss the key objectives for any successful testing initiative
  • Outline the reports and metrics your team should focus on
I hope you can find time on December 12 to join for us 60 minutes to learn about some approaches you can take to reduce risk and improve visibility into your health care regulatory testing processes.