November 7, 2011

The Many Definitions of "Ready": Join us at Better Software Conference East to Learn More

When do you ship an application? The answer seems simple—you ship when it's ready. However, there are many possible definitions of "ready." According to Seapine Software's Peter Varhol, customers, users, and development teams must all agree on what "ready" means—before work begins on the project. Peter discusses this issue in his presentation, When to Ship: Using Automation to Determine Application Deployment Readiness, on Wednesday, November 9, at the Better Software Conference East. If there is no common consensus on what "ready" means, you may be tempted to release an application before its product goals are met. Peter presents different approaches to determining when an application has the required quality to be ready to ship. Learn the factors to base your ready-to-ship decision on, so the project team and the business will know whether to continue working or declare, "Ready." About the Conference At the Better Software Conference East 2011, you'll become a better, more informed software professional with an outward, customer-focused view of development. Learn about the latest tools, trends, and issues regarding project management, people and teams, software testing and QA, software requirements, process improvement, metrics, design and architecture. Who Should Attend Software professionals seeking the latest software development information and techniques will benefit from the educational and networking sessions at the Better Software Conference. The conference is designed for these software professionals:
  • Software managers, directors, CTOs, and CIOs
  • Project managers and leaders
  • Measurement and process improvement specialists
  • Requirements and business analysts
  • Software architects
  • Lead developers and software engineers
  • Security engineers
  • Test and QA managers