February 22, 2016

Maximize Your Learning at MERGE 2016 with Pre-Conference Training

MERGE User Conference

Perforce Helix Training

Planning to attend MERGE 2016, the Perforce Conference, in San Francisco this April? You may also be interested in the pre-conference training workshops that we will be running on April 11th and 12th. These workshops offer a wide variety of Perforce Helix-related topics taught by our world-class consultants, who bring real-life experience from their work with our customers.

If you're looking to beef up your skills in practicing the fine art of DevOps while using the Cloud as your infrastructure, attend our brand-new workshop titled “DevOps in the Cloud with Perforce Helix.” In this interactive course, you will learn the underlying principles of DevOps with concrete examples, and put them to use using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Even if you do not use AWS, you will find the concepts and examples outlined in this course useful.

Perforce Administrators can choose from the two advanced courses. "Perforce Administration for the Enterprise," which covers several advanced Perforce administration topics such as replication, multi-site deployment and security, and "Battle School," a highly interactive workshop that simulates real-life crisis situations and teaches you how to safeguard and recover your precious Helix server, plus several topics related to deployment architecture such as high availability and disaster recovery.

Ever since Git came on the scene, distributed version control (DVCS) has become popular with developers worldwide. Perforce Helix has evolved and now provides full DVCS capabilities in addition to being a centralized single source of truth. Learn Helix DVCS capabilities in a half-day “Helix DVCS” course that teaches you what DVCS is all about, and how to use those features in Helix. We are also offering a half-day “Helix Git Tools Bootcamp” course that gives you a solid grounding in how to use Perforce’s tools that enable collaboration with Git developers – GitSwarm and Git Fusion.

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco. Register for these courses when you register for MERGE 2016. Register by February 26th to take advantage of early-bird savings on both training and admission to the conference!