September 8, 2014

Meet Our Newest Web Client: Surround SCM Web

Surround SCM
Surround SCM 2014.1 introduces a brand new web client that provides read-only access to Surround SCM source files, repositories, and branches. This new web client can be quite handy for remote users who need to view or get Surround SCM files but do not have the Surround SCM Client installed on their computer or device. scmWebSourceList You can use the Surround SCM web client to:
  • Browse to source files, repositories, and branches.
  • View file contents, versions, and historical information.
  • Download (or get) files to save local copies.
  • Bookmark files and repositories you frequently use for easy access later.

More information

The following links can help you get up and running with the new web client.