April 21, 2015

Meetup: If I Only Had a Minute With a Perforce Engineer


Here's a chance for some face time with a Perforce engineer. We're sending a few off the Island for a few days. We're even buying the beer!

Here's where you can find us:

Denver, CO April 30th - Perforce User Group

Perforce will be at the ReleaseTeam Perforce User Group meeting to talk about what the new Helix release means for developers. We’ll talk about about how Perforce’s new DVCS capabilities can help devs in their day-to-day lives by looking at how we’ve been using it internally at Perforce. Sign up here

Seattle, WA - April 23rd - Unity Mixer

Join Perforce and PopCap as they team up to host a Unity Mixer in Seattle. 

Come drink beer, eat food, and chat with Perforce, special guest Pixar and PopCap about versioning assets and how the future of game studio productions are trending toward small movie studios. Sign up here

Oakland, CA - April 21st - Woman Who Code

Perforce and Clorox team up for a Women Who Code workshop on the JavaScript Engine. Ever wonder what happens to your JavaScript code once it hits the browser? Join Steph Turner for a walk on the wild side of bytecode, native code, abstract syntax trees, stacks, heaps, quick and dirty compiling, hot spot optimizers, inline caches, memory allocation and garbage collection. Sign up here