April 10, 2013

Merge 2013: Global Distributed Perforce Service

MERGE User Conference

replication serviceBeing a remote user in Australia we've always suffered from the "Wow, you're really far away aren't you" syndrome. In reality, globally speaking we're not that far away it's only 7,500 miles to the Perforce Head office in Alameda or 10,000 miles to the UK office.

This in itself brings it's own issues of network latency and file transfer speeds; something that any remote user understands and gets used to. So, imagine our surprise in 2010 when we plugged in a local replica of our master Perforce Service.

Suddenly we had a new world of local access times, files at local network speeds, browsing as quick as we could click. It was almost too good to be true! Except, it was all read-only information only gave us half the setup as a remote user we longed for. Like Oliver Twist, we wanted more!

Our cries were heard. With each new Perforce release since then we've tweaked and added new features to the replication engine. We've since built upon what we've learned ourselves internally and from feedback from our customers on how they've used replication in their environments.

The 2013.1 Release of Perforce expands on the replication engine further. We've introduced new features that allow you manage the replicated content, allowing you to limit or specify what goes where. To now setup your replicas allowing you to manage bandwidth more effectively and finally allowing your to only pull archive files on-demand.

With the full set of replication features at you fingertips, we'll explore these 2013.1 features showing how you too can get full global distributed Perforce Service at Merge 2013, The Perforce Conference, April 24-26 in San Francisco.