September 17, 2014

MERGE 2014: It Begins!

MERGE User Conference

MERGE 2014, the Perforce Conference, kicked off today with a keynote from our founder and CEO, Christopher Seiwald. Christopher gave a rousing talk about key trends in technology and gave us a glimpse into what is coming down the pike for Perforce.

Christopher talked the fact that versioning is at the center of all the most prominent movements in technology:

  • Continuous Delivery: Jez Humble, the leading authority on CD, argues that everything should be in put in version control.
  • DevOps: Versioning entire dev environments is key to automation.
  • Internet of Things: With hardware and software becoming increasingly interconnected, simultaneous versioning of both is crucial to success.
  • Open Source: With code coming from both inside a company and the open source community, tracking changes is vital to understanding who owns what.
  • Virtualization: It’s difficult to know where the “single source of truth” is when the physical location of the data isn’t known. Versioning allows companies to trace their files regardless of where they’re stored.

Christopher stepped the full house through some of the things Perforce has accomplished since our last MERGE, including the launch of Swarm and Edge Services, and performance improvements through lockless reads. He also told us about the things Perforce is going to be working on in the next year and beyond. But we promised not to tell, so check back here later!