January 14, 2016

MERGE 2016: Sneak Peek at Agenda and Last Chance for Super Early Bird Savings

MERGE User Conference

We're very excited about the speakers and talks for MERGE 2016! The agenda includes a wide variety of content - thought leadership from industry luminaries like Gene Kim, detailed technical insights from Perforce staff, and real-world experiences from Perforce users from around the world. 
General sessions on Day One and Day Three include strategic overviews, product innovations and roadmap from the Perforce team, industry experts highlighting the opportunities of modern product development practices and DevOps, as well as global brands like NVIDIA, Scania, Intel, and McKesson talking about how their businesses benefit from and depend on Perforce. 
Day Two is when attendees get into the real detail. Sessions led by experts at Samsung, Dolby, Tableau, Mathworks, Citrix and more - as well as Perforce - will discuss a broad range of topics such as security, global scale, adopting continuous integration, plus get deep into technology like the power of the b-tree. Grouped into three major tracks targeted at business leaders, administrators and end users there is masses of content to cover a broad range of attendee needs. Whether you want to be looking at code, trying to understand how to navigate modern business challenges or just want to meet and quiz the Perforce engineers, there’s something for everyone.
Super Early Bird discount ends Friday, January 15th! Register now and save $300. We also have discounted pricing for groups. Go to the MERGE site learn more. For live updates, follow us on twitter @perforce and use the hashtag #MERGE2016.