September 29, 2009

New Java Classes for TestTrack 2010 SDK

Helix ALM
For those of you that program in Java, there are newly generated TestTrack SOAP classes available for download from the Seapine Labs web site: As mentioned in the labs article, these classes were generated using NetBean's JAX-RPC client (v 1.6). While there are other Web Service clients you can use, this is the one that I have been able to get consistent results with. If you have successfully generated these classes using other Web Service clients, feel free to upload yours and share them. The labs site is designed so anyone can register and contribute. If you don't feel comfortable sharing your classes, add a comment and share which web service client you used and any steps you followed to generate the classes. A good example that uses these classes is the DefectMover application, which also available in the labs.