April 25, 2013

Perforce CEO Unveils Exciting New Products at Merge 2013

MERGE User Conference

chris seiwaldWith its customers building products "from the chip to the cloud," Perforce is poised to expand its product portfolio with its most ambitious plans yet, said Christopher Seiwald, Perforce CEO and founder. Kicking off the Merge 2013 conference held April 24-26 in San Francisco, Seiwald’s keynote started with a humorous video of him spray-painting the word "Versionaries" on customers’ brands he encountered on his way to the conference. He also shared his enthusiasm for a family of new tools the company is unveiling to customers at the conference. But first, he emphasized the increasingly ubiquitous nature of Perforce version management services in a world where more and more companies are moving to continuous delivery. "You can't walk a city block without coming across a company that uses Perforce. The things our customers build with Perforce easily touch half the people on the planet," Seiwald told the conference delegates.

As continuous integration has gone from a best practice to a must-have for leading companies around the world, Seiwald observed, it becomes imperative to have a "single source of truth" by storing all your assets in version management. And while Perforce is steadily innovating its core products, it's also looking at the wider world surrounding the traditional source code management audience.

"In continuous integration, version management becomes the engine behind your whole software platform,” explained Seiwald. “But in any company, if you look to the right or left of the development mainline, you'll see large amounts of files going unversioned.” In response, Perforce is unveiling a number of solutions at Merge 2013, some officially announced, some not yet, to help bring “unversioned” assets into the flow.

Perforce is making a strong claim that its new suite of products will help customers move to continuous integration and delivery processes by bringing the benefits of version management to new classes of users.