November 8, 2010

Perforce Developer Summit


I recently returned from our internal Perforce Developer Summit at our headquarters in Alameda, CA.

The purpose of the summit was to get developers from different offices together to share our knowledge, experience and expertise, but also to remind ourselves of the values we work by - something that can get lost in the midst of fighting the battles to get the next release out. What I took from this summit more than anything else was what a great team of people I work with and how much I enjoy this experience. I also learned that the upcoming releases are going to be awesome.

One of the common themes emphasized was that we are one team with one common goal: to provide the best possible SCM system for our customers. Different teams use different techniques to get there, and many presentations focused on the advantages (and challenges) of each approach.

Agile is the flavor of this age, be it Scrum or Kanban: if you followed Perforce's marketing campaigns you might have seen the message how well Perforce is suited to be used in an Agile development process, as Perforce's developers have discovered themselves.

I am sure you will discover the results of the productive summit soon in future releases.

Happy Hacking

Sven Erik