December 8, 2016

Perforce Recently Acquired Seapine–Why I’m Excited and Why You Should Be Too



If you’re a customer who has followed us for a while, last month's acquisition announcement was probably a complete surprise. Rest assured, you’ll find it was a wonderful surprise. The ink was barely dry on the acquisition agreement, announcing Seapine Software, Inc. would join Perforce, LLC, when customer inquiries began to arrive. “What is going to happen to the Seapine products?” “Are you going to continue to provide the same great level of support?” And so on. Reading these, I couldn’t be prouder of what Seapine meant to our customers. It was clear we succeeded in what we set out to do when Kelly and I founded Seapine 21 years ago—create products that positively impact how people build quality software and create a company that sets a high standard for friendly, responsive customer interaction. It also reinforced the benefits of the acquisition. 21 years is a long time to sustain a company in our industry. And while capital constraints often dictate a carefully measured path, I’ve always wanted to do more and do it faster. So this year, I decided it was time to enter the capital market. And a wonderful thing happened, I met the new management team at Perforce LLC, a long-time partner (since 2001). It was clear from the first meeting that Perforce and Seapine were a perfect fit. From the similar histories of our founding and growth, to the “customer first” emphasis we place on high quality support, to the focus on helping companies innovate faster with higher quality, our two companies were meant to be one. So it became. The team at Perforce shares our vision for tackling the difficult development challenges you face. Now, as partners with Perforce, Seapine has access to the resources to accelerate our product development. If you like what you’ve seen from Seapine over the years, prepare to be amazed. I am excited to be joining the Perforce team as CTO, ALM Solutions, where I will be leading the ALM product strategy and direction. I’ll be working closely with Tim Russell, CPO and Janet Dryer, CEO of Perforce. We’ve just begun this journey together and will start firming up the long-term product roadmaps over the next month or so. We’ll communicate with you as the plan develops and, as always, your input is welcome. So stay tuned. I’m excited about Perforce + Seapine and I think you will be too.