May 10, 2011

Pixar will present at 2011 User Conference

MERGE User Conference

We are gearing up for the 2011 User Conference in June, and you definitely won't want to miss it.

Mike Sundy, Pixar Animation Studios, "Scaling Servers and Storage for Film Assets"

Here's how Pixar responded to our presenter survey:

Why we're you motivated to speak on this topic?
The Perforce User community has been very supportive and helpful to me and this is an opportunity to return the favor.

What are the top 3 take-aways from your talk?

  • Perforce is flexible enough to be used for a wide variety of binary data (not just code).
  • VMWare makes an excellent, flexible, and easily administered server platform for Perforce.
  • The +S filetype is a good way to manage space consumption for large binary assets.

If you only had 1 tweet for your presentation, what would it be?
Come see how Pixar scaled from 1 Perforce server to 90 in a few years.

How long have you been a Perforce fan?
I've been a Perforce fan since I was hired at Electronic Arts in 2002 and tasked with administering it.  I was immediately impressed with the speed of the application and the quality of the support.

What's your vision for innovation using Perforce?
Every type of asset should be stored in Perforce, not just code.

If someone slept while you were presenting, what would their dream be about?
Robotic monkeys.

Where's the most far-flung Perforce user on your team?
Seattle, WA - our satellite office.

Lightning round: Perforce in two words? I say "Perforce", you say:
Great company!