April 13, 2010

RSS Feeds in TestTrack

Helix ALM
RSS feeds are a great way to expose your issues, test cases, and requirements to external users. You can provide a feed of critical issues to the product management team, give the product owner a feed of all stories in the current sprint, or give customers access to their feature requests. Watch the video, or read the blog post for details on creating and using RSS feeds in TestTrack. Quick video walk-through of creating and using RSS feeds in TestTrack

Download video in mp4 format

Create the Filter

RSS feeds are based on filters you set up for specific item types. The key is to set sharing to Publish. Note: You can't use filter criteria based on <current user> because users do not have to be logged in to view RSS feeds.


Once you've created the filter, any TestTrack user can go in and subscribe to that filter in the reader of their choice. Simply right-click on the filter, select Subscribe, and copy/paste the URL into your RSS reader.

External Access

You can also send the feed URL to people who don't have access to TestTrack directly (just be aware of the firewall for people outside your corporate network).  Simply copy the link from TestTrack and send it to them via email or IM and they'll have access to a quick summary of every item that passes the filter. Here's an example in Outlook 2007.