October 6, 2014

Seapine Software, Mechatronic AG to Give Presentation at MedConf 2014

MedConf 2014Representatives from Seapine Software and Mechatronic AG, a Seapine customer, will be giving a joint presentation at MedConf 2014 in Munich on October 15. Wendelin Backhaus, Director of Quality Management for Mechatronic AG, will detail how his team uses TestTrack to support CAPAs (Corrective And Preventive Actions). For the past two years, Mechatronic AG has used TestTrack to track CAPAs and link them directly to development artifacts. TestTrack has proven to be a highly flexible, efficient, and expandable system that constantly evolves to meet Mechatronic AG's changing needs. Backhaus will discuss the benefits his team has gained by adopting TestTrack. Martin Kochloefl, a software solutions consultant at Seapine, will be on hand to demonstrate TestTrack. On October 16, Martin will discuss the results of Seapine's 2014 State of Medical Device Development Survey, comparing them to our previous surveys from 2011 and 2013. Since 2008, MedConf has been a leading conference centered on the software development and system design of medical devices. Several hundred participants attend each year to learn from and network with their peers. Learn more and register to attend at the MedConf 2014 web site.