December 7, 2015

Secure Software for Connected Cars

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In today’s modern cars, intelligent connected services such as OnStar and ConnectedDrive continuously update, entertain, guide, and protect drivers.

However, these many connections to the outside world that bring you useful services and feature updates may also introduce security vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to remotely take over your car.

Let’s face it: the scale of the automotive software assurance problem is huge. Current automobiles may contain tens of millions of lines of software code executing on over one hundred electronic control units (ECUs), including those that control key functions such as power steering or acceleration. Auto manufacturers can pay a high price for vehicle malfunctions, as Toyota discovered in 2014 when it was fined $1.2B by the U.S. government for not disclosing software defects that caused sudden acceleration accidents.    

What can be done to better ensure automotive software security? One key essential element is to use a software configuration management (SCM) platform, like Perforce Helix, to manage and track all source code development and provide detailed audit logs that may be used for industry standards compliance (ISO 26262) or as part of fault or accident investigations. 

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