January 3, 2012

See TestTrack Matrix Reports in Action

Helix ALM
Matrix reports were added to TestTrack in version 2013. Watch this video to learn more about using these new reports. The video covers three specific uses for the reports, including: Traceability Matrix - Similar to the existing traceability reports, but the matrix reports are much more configurable than the existing report types. Linked Issues - A simple report showing issues that are linked. You could quickly re-configure this to show linked requirements, risk artifacts, or any other combination of linked work items. Ready for Re-Testing - Filtered report showing fixed issues with associated test runs. This is a great report for the testers on your team, they just pop in to quickly find defects that need to be verified. They'll see the test runs that have failed; you could also include a column to show the linked test case, which would given them quick access to re-generate a test run and start testing. http://youtu.be/coRPHKk6_XQ