September 20, 2011

Senior Agile Consultant to Speak at the Agile Prague Conference

Alan Bustamante, senior agile consultant for Seapine’s Agile Services group, will be speaking at the Agile Prague Conference, which takes place September 29 and 30. Alan’s talk, Only the Agile Survive: Understanding the Business Case for Agile, takes place at noon on the 29th. As a result of the current economic climate, many organizations have been forced to reduce head count, salaries, and benefits to shore up their finances. Now, these companies are looking for ways to satisfy their customers within the boundaries of the “new normal,” which is a reduced cost structure and increased pressure to deliver more, faster. These organizations also need a way to divert funding from one project to another when a higher priority initiative emerges. Agile methods have proven to be an effective way to address these challenges. During his presentation, Alan will answer the following questions:
  1. What is going on in the marketplace that necessitates a change in the way we currently do business?
  2. What are the bare essentials of Agile?
  3. Why is the market moving towards Agile solutions?
Alan will also share some personal observations about successful implementations, including his experience with diverting almost $200,000 USD in project funds to another higher priority initiative, which was only possible with Agile methods.

About the Conference

Agile Prague Conference is the first agile conference in the heart of Europe. It brings together developers, testers, managers and simply everyone who would like to improve the software development practices and learn more from experienced international speakers. This year’s main topic is the Agile adoption process, with a focus on Agile communication between management and teams. The case-study sessions will detail real experiences in adopting Agile methods, Scrum processes, and Kanban. The speakers will share what went well for them, and what could have been done differently.

Who Should Attend

This conference is beneficial for developers, testers, and managers. There will be a specific section dedicated to developers and testers, covering development practices, TDD, and much more.