May 10, 2011

Strengthened Traceability Drives Greater Quality & Communication: An Outlook Series Interview with Mike Lippis

Helix ALM
Seapine Solutions Evangelist, Peter Varhol, was recently interviewed about requirements traceability by Mike Lippis for the Outlook Series. The "Strengthened Traceability Drives Greater Quality & Communication" podcast is now available. Peter and Mike discuss several aspects of requirements management, and why traceability is so important to the software development process these days. Following are a few interesting nuggets, if you don't have time to listen to the 46-minute interview: 01:30 - Definition of requirements traceability 09:50 - How to make traceability automatic 21:55 - How to know if your traceability strategy measures up 30:00 - Information about managing requirements traceability with TestTrack Have an opinion on traceability, or a story about how your team uses traceability to improve quality? We'd love to hear it—leave us a comment!