April 24, 2013

Use the Windshield, not the Mirror, to Drive Successful Product Releases

Image by Michal ZacharzewskiHow happy would your customers be if you could eliminate 70 percent of all product defects? How happy would your boss be if you could double the amount of projects that are delivered successfully? And how much more could your team get done if you eliminated unproductive rework? (SPOILER: The answers are “very happy,” “very happy,” and “they might actually get to see the world outside of the office again.”) Seapine Software, a leading provider of quality-centric product development solutions, is partnering with Software Quality Associates (SQA) to show how your team can dramatically improve productivity by adding predictive metrics to your measurement portfolio. According to SQA, recent benchmark studies have revealed some eye-opening statistics for product development teams. For example, SQA learned that, on average, fewer than half of all projects are delivered successfully. In addition, 40 percent of a project team’s effort is wasted on unproductive rework, and 70 percent of defects uncovered in production are requirements-related. On May 16, be sure to attend SQA and Seapine’s webinar, Use the Windshield, Not the Mirror: Predictive Metrics that Drive Successful Product Releases. Guest speaker Sharon Niemi, Practice Director for Lifecycle Optimization at SQA, covers why reactive metrics alone aren’t enough to ensure consistent product releases. She also shares the predictor questions you should be asking to spot trouble in advance, and explain how to provide line of sight from predictive metrics to business outcomes. Sharon brings it all together in a case study about a company that overcame frequent product delays and quality issues by adding predictive metrics to its measurement portfolio. Jeff Amfahr, Director of Product Management at Seapine, concludes the webinar with a brief demonstration of how Seapine’s TestTrack solution can support a predictive measurement system by making data capture easier and providing built-in metrics visibility across the product development process. The webinar will be held on May 16 at 1:00 p.m. ET. Learn more and register at our web site.