January 5, 2012

Using Separate Configurations for Surround SCM Mainline Branches

Surround SCM
Surround SCM 2012 includes a new feature that enables you to set separate options for each of your mainline branches. You can now use a server-wide configuration or have individual configurations for each mainline branch, which gives you more control of your mainlines. To set options for a mainline branch, right-click the branch in Surround SCM and select "Branch Properties" (or "Branch Info" on Mac). Click the "Options" tab in the Properties dialog box. [caption id="attachment_10706" align="alignnone" width="465" caption="Surround SCM mainline branch options"]Surround SCM mainline branch options[/caption] You can override general, changelist, and file name and extension server options for specific mainlines. For example, you can enforce comments on some mainline branches while not requiring comments for others. If you do not configure options for a specific mainline, the mainline options set on the Surround SCM Server are used.