October 29, 2014

Behind NVIDIA’s Success: “If It Isn’t in Perforce, It Isn’t in the Product”

Version Control

Nothing makes us happier than hearing about our customers’ successes, so we jumped at the chance to capture the thoughts of NVIDIA’s Director of Engineering and IT, Doug Quist, and Director of Architecture, Sharon Clay. You likely know NVIDIA for all they do for the gaming industry, but the company is also making important contributions to the cars we drive, the films we watch, the energy efficiency of today’s supercomputers and much, much more. NVIDIA’s visual computing innovations are even helping find cures to our most challenging diseases.

NVIDIA Perforce video

Watch the 2-minute video on NVIDIA’s use of Perforce.

With the speed of their growth and the reach of their technology, NVIDIA boasts some impressive numbers surrounding their use of Perforce – like 626 million files in version management and more than 160 million transactions against their Perforce servers per day. In fact, more than 90% of NVIDIA staff use Perforce.

But don’t take it from us. Watch the case study video to see for yourself how NVIDIA relies on Perforce, and why they are our 2014 Versionary Award winners in the category of “Best Versioning of Everything by Everyone.”