May 10, 2012

Version Everything Road Trip, Day 3: BBQ!

Version Control

version everything road trip austin

The Perforce Road Show rumbled through Austin this week, running smack dab into a Texas-sized spring thunderstorm. You know you're flying into Texas weather when your drink flies off your tray from the turbulence. But that didn't stop us from enjoying some of Austin's great restaurant and nightlife scene.  

Two interesting questions came up during the networking hour. During my talk I had introduced some of the 2012.1 releases's great new solutions for coordinating distributed development, including replication improvements and P4Sandbox. The first question is, what's Perforce doing to make the administrator's job easier as all of these new solutions are put into a real environment? That's certainly an active topic back in the office. Quite a few of us have done the "Perforce guy" job, so we know what it means to deploy proxy servers with Windows registry configuration. We're conducting some research to figure out what the next generation of Perforce administration tools needs to look like. That could involve improvements to P4Admin, different interfaces altogether, or even integrating into a standard IT monitoring tool. (The structured logging enhancements in 2012.1 might make that easier...) So, for the time being, if you have any thoughts on what we can do to make the job of a Perforce admin easier, let us know!

The second question was why we weren't talking about Perforce streams more. The short answer: we should be, and mea culpa. The long answer is that Perforce streams are a big part of our strategy to make managing the flow of change in a complex product environment easier. When you've been seeing and using the technology internally for over a year, it's easy to forget that it's still a very new idea to a lot of the folks in the audience. I'll make sure to talk more about how streams fit into Perforce's big picture today in Chicago and next week in Boston. But, I think streams are best experienced with a live demo. If you're joining us in Boston or Chicago, you can see streams live at the demo stations. Otherwise, check out this video and eBook.

Well, somebody told me I can find good pizza in Chicago. Time to put that theory to the test!