May 11, 2012

Version Everything Road Trip, Day 4: The Windy City

Version Control

version everything road trip chicago

It's good to be back in Chicago! I spent a lot of time here in college; I'd drive down from Michigan with some friends to enjoy the food and nightlife. If you've never been, Chicago has a really vibrant downtown. When the sun is shining on Lake Michigan, it's hard to beat the scene on Lakeshore Drive. It was also good to catch up with some of the crew working on Chronicle; they gave a talk at CMS Expo today.

I had a great chat with someone who works at a firm that makes very cool modeling and analysis software. I got my degree in electrical engineering, so I have a soft spot for image processing geeks. We were swapping some stories about the early days of our careers. It is strange how rapidly the software development field is changing. Aside from a few grey hairs, and the fact that I really enjoy talking about the weather sometimes, nothing makes me feel old like telling war stories from ten years ago. But the whole development ecosystem has gone through a wrenching transformation in a fairly short amount of time. We've pretty much gone full spectrum from CMMI Level 5 and lots of process to cranking out quick iterations a few times a month (although in some cases those process requirements haven't really gone away).

It can be daunting to stay on top of all those changes. That's why Perforce really study the way that software teams work. We absorb those lessons every time we talk to you, our customers, whether that comes in informal chats at trade shows or during consulting and training visits. Streams, replication, support for distributed technologies - these are tools to make your job a little bit faster, easier, and more automated. Automation in all forms was a big topic of discussion today. It's never trivial to automate part of your release management process, but you can always call us up for advice. Our consulting team has automated pretty much everything they can get their hands on, and they're happy to share their experiences over the phone.

On to Boston next week, where I plan to indulge with a meal at Legal Seafood. I confess to not quite getting the Dunkin Donuts experience, but I just pretend it's Tim Horton's...

Hope to see you next week!