May 16, 2012

Version Everything Road Trip, Day 5: Boston Commons

Version Control

version everthing road trip boston

The North America Perforce Version Everything Road Trip wrapped up in Boston yesterday. It's no wonder so many good movies are set there: the minute you step out of the airport, there's no doubt you're in New England.

I ran into one of our consulting partners at the show. He's sketching out a prototype solution for letting some very non-technical users keep all their information in Perforce. The more I thought about it, the more interesting it sounded. There's a huge pool of companies and people that need version management for keeping track of important records and files. But, these folks are in a tough spot. They don't have a huge budget, and they don't have an army of IT workers to keep the machines running. Yet they do need a powerful solution. If you're responsible for certifying financial records, the stakes are high whether you're a one-woman shop or part of a huge accounting department.

The funny thing is, until yesterday he had never heard about Commons. I hope we just saved him a few weeks of integration work, because Commons is designed to bring Perforce's solutions to everyone who needs to manage content. Just like streams take some of the wizardry out of release management, Commons makes Perforce accessible to anyone who knows how to save a spreadsheet.

I also realize how much work we have left to do. Commons is a great start, and we're anxious to hear your feedback. But there's a lot of items on the roadmap.  After 10,000 miles and 5 cities, time to roll up our sleeves and get cracking!

There are two more stops on the European Version Everything Road Trip.