February 14, 2011

Video: Seapine ALM and Eclipse

Surround SCM
Helix ALM
Developers spend most of their time working in their Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and having to switch tools to update a bug or check in code can be tedious and inefficient. Tools that integrate with the IDE are beneficial because they allow users to stay in the IDE and not have to bother with switching to another tool. Eclipse is one of the most popular IDEs for Java development. Seapine ALM provides a tight integration that allows users to access defect, test, and requirement artifacts as well as source code control functions to update files. Seapine ALM is our suite of application lifecycle management tools that includes TestTrack for requirement, issue, and test management, Surround SCM for change management, QA Wizard Pro for automated functional testing and load testing, and Seapine ALM Reporting Platform for reporting across the suite. This video shows a high-level overview of the integration between Seapine ALM and Eclipse. For more information on how to get this integration set up, start with these two articles from our knowledgebase: TestTrack Eclipse IntegrationSurround SCM Eclipse Integration