May 21, 2014

Webinar: Escaping the Perfect Product Trap

trap Quick, can you think of a product that has no limitations or constraints? Everyone wants to create the perfect product—the one that works flawlessly, has the highest quality, and delivers features no other competitor has.Once you start developing that perfect product, however, you often come up against increasing constraints and limitations. Complexity starts to rise, risk and potential hazards increase, and suddenly you've got a new set of government regulations or international quality standards to meet in order to win approval for your innovative new product. Snap! You've just gotten caught in the Perfect Product Trap. During Seapine's free, 45-minute webinar on June 5,  Larry Nicholson and Anthony Washington will discuss how to maintain creativity and innovation without falling into the Perfect Product Trap. You’ll learn how data capture, relationships, and analysis can help you:
  • Better expose risk earlier in the development cycle
  • Use facts instead of intuition when weighing trade-offs
  • Reduce the impact that limitations and constraints may have in the final product
  • Avoid "analysis paralysis" and optimize your decision making
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