April 3, 2012

Webinar Recording: Tracking Metrics with Calculated Fields in TestTrack 2012

Helix ALM
Thank you to everyone who participated in the Tracking Metrics with Calculated Fields Webinar. The webinar recording is now available if you were unable to attend or if you would like another look. Q & A from the session follows. Remember, this is part two of a three part series. You can still register for the webinar series. http://youtu.be/YaZ2jP-PmQc Q & AQ: ­What if there are multiple verify or fix events?­ In addition to the simple Count function you saw in the webinar, calculated fields support iterating over all of the events for a specific event type. You can use this technique to get the field values on a particular instance of an event and then conditionally sum or count those values. Q: How does the time span calculation work if there are multiple events­? It uses the date and time of the most recent event. Q: ­Can I count on a particular resulting state?­ For example, failed on succeeded or a verify event­? Yes, you can examine the field values for each event and decide whether to count that event for your metric. A common example is a Verify event that has a Resulting State drop-down for recording whether the verification succeeded or failed. If you are interested only in the number of times an issue failed verification, you can iterate over the Verify events and only count the events where the value of the Resulting State field indicates the verification failed. Q: ­How do you count how many times a test has failed? Test cases have a built-in ‘Number of Test Runs Failed’ field. To see this value, insert a column in the test case list window, right click the column header, and select General > Number of Test Runs Failed from the list of fields.