September 5, 2014

What's New in Surround SCM 2014.1

Surround SCM
Surround SCM 2014.1 has arrived! Surround SCM 2014.1 is loaded with a variety of new features, but my favorite is the web client. For the first time ever, you can review and fetch files from Surround SCM using your web browser. Be sure to read the full release notes for all the details.

Access Code and Other Digital Assets from Anywhere

Surround SCM 2014.1 comes standard with a web client that provides quick and easy access to source code and other digital assets stored in Surround SCM, from any browser with nothing to install. With the web client, you can:
  • Navigate branches and repositories
  • View file contents and history
  • Fetch files locally

Protect Your Valuable Digital Property

Surround SCM 2014.1 includes even more built-in security to protect your company's intellectual property. Existing encryption of client/server communication has been improved and support has been added for RSA public-private key exchange to further protect communication between clients and the Surround SCM server. In addition, the Surround SCM server and connecting client will always encrypt credentials during the log in process regardless of whether encryption is enabled in the server options.

Work and Integrate with a Full 64-bit Application

Surround SCM clients (including CLI and API) are now 64-bit applications, enabling users to work and integrate with a true 64-bit client application.

Client Actions Are Up to 75% Faster

It's now even faster to adding files and create branches.

File Sharing is Even More Reliable

A number of small improvements were made to file sharing, making share behavior more consistent and intuitive across repositories and branches.

Start Using Surround SCM 2014.1