After Being Clear on Their Requirements, Viking Potatoes Chooses Perforce

Viking Potatoes, up-and-coming indie gaming studio needed a versioning solution that would be powerful enough to handle large, unwieldy files as well as their Agile processes, yet simple enough for everyone in the organization to adopt.

Why Helix?


Agile development support

Reliable, organized workflows

Large binary file support

By using Perforce Helix, artists and designers have the freedom to quickly and easily modify assets,

and get them back into the system so they can pass them off to the programmers.



  • Indie gaming studio
  • Headquartered in Poland
  • Preparing to launch "8Suns," the next generation in hack-and-slash action RPG games as well as building their proprietary RPG engine, Barok
  • Talented core team comprised of non-technical users including artists and musician


Core Pain Points

Before moving to Helix Core, Viking Potatoes considered using their own solution, but realized it wouldn’t be powerful enough to meet their teams’ needs, notably:

  • Facilitating collaboration and artwork transfers between designers and programmers
  • Ease-of-use for non-technical users
  • Storing multiple versions of large binary files
  • Synchronizing and merging files
  • Eliminating server latency problems

Speed, ease of use, and quality are crucial to everything that the team does. To stay competitive, Viking Potatoes’ approach to game development relies heavily on Agile best practices to accomplish twice as much in half the amount of time.

To address these issues, Viking Potatoes realized that they needed a proven versioning system. Based on their extensive experience in game development, they could think of only one that could meet their requirements.


Why Helix?

  • Supports Agile development best practices
  • Enables reliable, organized workflows
  • Enables users of varying technical abilities to submit files, check them in or out, and merge them automatically
  • Supports large binary files without crashing

“98 percent of the files in a game are binary, so we needed a versioning platform that could support them. Other versioning systems just don’t like binary files, and as a result they crash often,” says Nowakowski, a long-time Perforce user.

What’s more, thanks to the versatility of Helix, even non-technical users rely heavily on the platform, providing the company with a single source of truth that simplifies digital game development.

The majority of Helix users at Viking Potatoes are artists who appreciate just how easy it is to use it. All they need to know is where to find the Submit and Get Latest buttons, which means they can focus on what matters most to them: creating high-quality, game-specific assets, and pushing their ideas to the limits.