Platform Safety for Driverless Trains: How Viveris Technologies Uses Helix QAC

Viveris Technologies, part of the Viveris consulting group, operates in many industrial sectors. It was awarded a public tender to modernize the platform safety system of the driverless train Lyon Metro, also known as MAGGALY (Métro Automatique à Grand Gabarit de l´Agglomération Lyonnaise).

But to ensure platform safety, they need a solution they could trust. They found it with Helix QAC for C and C++.

Helix QAC Helps Viveris Technologies...


Comply With EN 50128

Mitigate Risk

Accelerate Development Times

Already certified to EN 50128...

"Using a software verification tool that is already certified to EN 50128 is vital. This accelerated our development times, reduced our overall cost, and mitigated our risk."

The Need for EN 50128 Certification

EN 50128 is functional safety standard required for compliance in the rail industry. Since Viveris Technologies was building a platform safety system for driverless trains, they needed to comply with EN 50128 SIL2. 

And to achieve compliance, they needed a static analyzer and a coding standard. They found it with Helix QAC and MISRA®.


Helix QAC and MISRA Made It Easy

MISRA was selected as the chosen coding standard in order to comply with EN 50128 recommendations.

“MISRA was the obvious choice. Originally created by the automotive industry, it is one of the longest established and most respected standards, and has been widely adopted across multiple safety related markets."

And Viveris selected Helix QAC to achieve MISRA compliance. 

Helix QAC delivered the greatest accuracy. Independent research showed that although several other tools claim to cover MISRA, they can fail to find real problems and generate false positives. This wastes key resources as the developers invest time to eliminate ‘noise’.

The output from Helix QAC provided evidence of standards compliance to the auditor. It demonstrated that the team had properly justified, controlled, and tracked any legitimate rule deviations.


The Result: Platform Safety for Driverless Trains

A successful EN 50128 audit, including a thorough inspection of the QAC results, meant that final commissioning of the system proceed. The system was operating in all 15 stations by 2013. And it detects if/when a passenger/object has fallen onto the track.

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