If you’re giving Helix ALM a try, here’s a quick visual guide to show you how to add other members your team so they can evaluate our modular application lifecycle management tool as well.

1. Log In to Helix ALM 

After completing the sign-up process, visit https://tryhelixalm.perforce.com/ttweb/ and log in using the username and password you received in the welcome email.

Image Helix ALM Adding A User Body 1

2. Choose Projects and Modules to Try

Once you’re logged in, you can select which type of project to try.

  • Are your requirements, test cases, and issues relatively straightforward? Try the standard Sample Project.
  • In a regulated industry or have highly complex requirement or test management needs? Check out the Life Sciences Project.

You can always change your template later from the Project drop-down menu.

You can also choose the modules you are interested in checking out during your trial. You can try all three modules or choose any combination of Helix RM for requirements management, Helix IM for issue management, and Helix TCM for test case management.

Image Helix ALM Adding a User Body 2

3. Go to Administration

Now you’re ready to add your team. To add a user, click Administration in the left navigation bar.

Image Helix ALM Adding a User Body 3

4. Add a User

On the Users page, click Add.

Image Helix ALM Adding a User Body 4

Complete the user’s Credentials and assign them a username and password.

Note: Remember to assign a security group. Assigning a security group is required to ensure your team members can login and have access to Helix ALM.

Image Helix ALM Adding a User Body 5

Under Licenses, you can assign the corresponding license. For the trial version, you can assign up to 200 floating licenses.

Image Helix ALM Adding a User Body 6

You can also add Contact Information and any Notes about the user.

Image Helix ALM Adding a User Body 7

After completing the user’s information, click Save.

Image Helix ALM Adding a User Body 8

Find the new user in the Users list.

Image Helix ALM Adding a User Body 9

And that’s it! You can continue adding users from this page by clicking the Add button and following Step 4.

If you run into any trouble and need support from our ALM experts, just send us an email and we'll help you get started.

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