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Version Control

The industry standard
version control.

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Project Management

Built by game devs
for game devs.

Includes 5 users free*

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"I spent three weeks trying all the tools I could find and Hansoft came out as the clear winner."

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Gennadiy Korol
Co-Founder, Director of Technology at Moon Game Studios


Ready to plug in to your favorite tools.

Major Game Engines

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Helix Core integrates with Unreal, CRYENGINE, Lumberyard, and Unity.

Atlassian Jira

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Integrate Jira with Hansoft, or use Hansoft’s built-in bug tracker.


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Helix Core integrates with Hansoft for better collaboration.

Why Helix Core & Hansoft?

So you can focus on the game.

More Speed

Version everything without slowing down systems.
Plan projects 20 percent faster.

Less Stress

Spend more time creating amazing games,
less time worrying about the work behind the scenes.


The whole studio can version, plan, and push
work forward together.


No Limits

Both tools scale. So when you grow, you won’t
have to worry about retooling.

Why Studios Love Hansoft

A planning tool built by game devs for game devs.


Fewer Meetings

Collaborate in real time.



Use Agile or hybrids.

Better Backlogs

Built for backlog management.

Why Studios Choose Helix Core

It’s the industry standard for speed and scale.



Version massive files fast.



One source of truth for the whole studio.


Developers & artists version easily.

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