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Why You Need MATLAB Source Control


MATLAB/Simulink’s programing platform helps engineers and scientists build future technology. And as your team grows, sharing models, data analysis, and apps becomes critically important.

Keeping important assets in shared folders, or in cloud-based tools like Dropbox or Google drive, puts them at risk. It can also slow down production.

Why You Need MATLAB Source Control: Having a system that helps you manage MATLAB can accelerate development because it ensures that everyone is working on the latest version.


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Easily Manage and Share Models, Data Analysis, and Apps

Source control allows you to manage programs and files over time. You can track revisions and collaborate more easily with your team.

MATLAB source control makes retrieving files and reviewing changes easier. If you are working on a large modeling projects, you can find all the related files without digging through files.

Using Helix Core –– source control from Perforce –– you can store all your assets: code, binaries, and data. With the P4SL –– Helix Plugin for MATLAB –– engineers and scientists can version files and programs using the tools they know.

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Use Your Preferred Tools

Teams can version and manage their files and projects within the MATLAB/Simulink interface (no matter where they are located).

If your team is located around the globe, using Helix Core brings your teams together and delivers files fast. Contributors can easily get what they need through the MATLAB/Simulink interface.

With Helix Core, you reuse components for testing. And with exclusive checkouts and granular permissions, your files will always be secure.

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Superior Data Management

So whether you are designing the next autonomous car, or an algorithm to build predictive models, Helix Core is there.

We are here to help you gain an edge in the market. And deliver on your machine learning and deep learning projects. With our high-performance server, your team can accelerate development and secure all your digital assets.

It's why semiconductor, embedded, aerospace, and automotive companies choose us. And why 9 out of the top 10 semiconductor companies use Helix Core for data management.

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