Key Features for Why Customers Chose Klocwork vs Coverity

The following statistics are based upon survey results from current customers.


Code Bases


support for 
huge code 

73 Percent
Flexible Deployment


flexible deployment options (desktop, IDE, CI, Cloud, Containers)

95 Percent
Quality Reports


quality reports 
and analysis

95 Percent
Accurate Reports


accurate and 
"not noisy" 

100 Percent

"Organizations that build mission-critical applications for compliance-heavy industries will value Perforce's laser focus on standards and functionality."

- Forrester

For industries where compliance and safety are imperative, choosing a static code analysis solution that provides full coverage without interrupting the dev process is a business-critical decision.

Here, we outline why Klocwork is the developer’s choice for safety and compliance.

Klocwork Runs Seamlessly in the CI/CD Pipeline:

Scan in IDE, CI/CD, and/or nightly server builds to ensure ongoing compliance with no interruption to the developer workflow.


Klocwork Is Independently Certified and Offers Deep Company Expertise:

Klocwork is certified for ISO, IEC, and EN compliance and is TÜV-SÜD certified. In addition, the Klocwork product team sits on multiple compliance and standards boards.

Klocwork Provides Lightning-Fast Analysis Speeds, Even on Massive Codebases:

Built to handle massive code bases, including Android OSP, and Unreal. Differential analysis scans at a fraction of the time with no loss of accuracy.

Forrester cites that Coverity customers were less satisfied with scanning times for very large, monolithic applications. (Wave 2021)


Klocwork Is a Solid Investment for Your Team with Stable, Consistent Pricing:

With Perforce, there are no pricing shocks and no ELA pressure.  In fact, 95% of customers who chose Klocwork over Coverity cited the importance of consistent pricing, and Forrester noted that references questioned whether Coverity’s pricing was in line with the value they received (Wave 2021).


Klocwork Provides Depth and Breadth of Coverage:

Extensive out-of-the-box support for coding standards, including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Kotlin. Plus, easily create your own rules.


Klocwork Analysis Has Limited False Positives and Provides Guidance for Remediation:

Detailed defect information, remediation help, and best practices.

Klocwork vs Coverity Bottom Line: Klocwork Is the Smart Choice for Ease of Use, Flexibility, and Scalability

Klocwork is an easy to use, customizable, and powerful static code analysis tool. Get started today with special pricing and a highly skilled team who can help you switch with ease.

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