Why Choose Helix QAC?

Prioritize risks.

Prioritize coding issues based on risk severity. With filters, suppressions, and baselines, Helix QAC helps you target the most critical defects — enabling you to fix the most important issues first.

Ensure compliance.

Helix QAC provides a depth of coverage of major coding standard rules for C and C++ languages. Ensure safety, security, and quality standards compliance with fewer false positives and false negatives in your diagnostics. You can even create and customize your own rules, project coding standards, or compliance modules.

Expand your toolset.

Integrate static analysis with the rest of your development toolset. Helix QAC supports the majority of compilers. And, you can integrate it with development tools like Microsoft Visual Studio, Helix Core, and Jenkins.

"We're impressed by the performance of Helix QAC. It is very accurate. It finds issues that other tools have missed."

— Huw Jones, Senior Software Test Engineer at Protean Electric

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