The Perforce Foundation supported my goal to start a community-based girls sports program that focuses on teaching young girls the emotional and physical skills necessary to succeed in a Title IV-level competitive sports environment and life.


The creativity and technical talent that is found in the Bay Area is a testament to the rewards of living in diverse surroundings. One way we support a diverse community is with our Perforce Foundation.

The opportunity to assist local and global charities has always been a part of who we are. We started the Foundation almost 15 years ago so that our employees could annually direct Perforce money to charities and causes they choose. These include public and private schools, disaster relief, homelessness, animals, fair trade, health, arts and science.

In 2011, a staff-operated Perforce Giving Committee was established to serve as a voice for all employees to direct additional charitable giving. This active committee currently consists of 10 Perforce employees who meet quarterly to discuss current needs and requests from charitable organizations. They ensure that every dollar donated is backed by our employees.

Through Perforce’s Giving Program, each employee can donate $1,500 annually to three 501(c)(3) charities or good causes of their choosing. Combined with the additional donations made by our Giving Committee, the Perforce Foundation has donated over $4.8 million since its inception. Perforce takes great pride in its philanthropic efforts. It makes the work we do and the services we provide even more worthwhile.