2009 User Conference

Thanks to all of our users and partners who made our 2009 Perforce User Conference a success!

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General Session Presentations | Presenters

All white papers and presentations available below are PDF downloads.


Perforce Disaster Recovery at Google: Plans and Experiences

by Richard Wright, Google

Google describes the hardware, infrastructure, plans, and procedures that it uses to protect against disasters both small and large. (61:30 mins.)

Download the Google White Paper | Google Presentation


Visualizing the Cost of Divergence

by Anders Johnson, NVIDIA

This talk introduces a simple divergence cost model intended to help make strategic branching decisions. (48:55 mins.)

Download the NVIDIA White Paper | NVIDIA Presentation


The Sloth's Guide to Perforce Administration

by David Ferguson and Prakash Ranade, VMware

VMware describes how a small centralized group administers Perforce to support 25 products being developed by over 3,000 engineers. (51:27 mins.)

Download the VMware Presentation

Bio-Rad Labs

Using Perforce to Achieve Agility

by Victoria Hall, Bio-Rad Laboratories

A brief introduction to agile methodologies and the best practices that facilitate successful agile implementations, with a focus on SCM practices (including continuous integration). (42:55 mins.)

Download the Bio-Rad Laboratories White Paper | Bio-Rad Laboratories Presentation


Peer Code Review with Perforce

by Jason Cohen, SmartBear

SmartBear explains how Perforce supports lightweight code review practices that can succeed where more cumbersome methods fail. (44:10 mins.)

Download the SmartBear White Paper | SmartBear Presentation

No video available

Perforce at Pixar: Templar Asset Management

by Mark Harrison and Mike Sundy, Pixar

This presentation shows how Pixar extended Perforce from a traditional SCM system into a key component of Templar, their studio-wide asset management system.

Download the Linkatron White Paper | Templar White Paper | Pixar Presentation

Junction Point Studios

The Content Creator's Label

by Jeff Grills, Junction Point Studios

Describes a low-overhead alternative to branching for video game development, to enable a variegated group of content creators (game designers, artists, animators, writers, translators, sound technicians) to work concurrently. (37:28 mins.)

Download the Junction Point Studios White Paper | Junction Point Studios Presentation

Perforce and Java

Perforce + Java: The Best of Both Worlds

by Hamish Reid and Kevin Sawicki, Perforce Software, Inc.

This talk presents Perforce's new Java strategy and the thinking behind it, illustrated with real-world demonstrations of the Perforce + Java products at work. (47:49 mins.)

Download the Perforce + Java White Paper| Perforce + Java Presentation

Perforce Scripting APIs

Adventures in Scripting Land

by Sven Erik Knop, Perforce Software, Inc.

This presentation shows how to use the P4Perl, P4Ruby, and P4Python APIs and explores their latest features and benefits. (47:30 mins.)

Download the Perforce Scripting APIs White Paper | Perforce Scripting APIs Presentation

P4V Mythbusters

P4V Mythbusters: Fact or Fiction?

by Stephanie Turner and James Creasy, Perforce Software, Inc.

Watch the experts bust Perforce myths with the coolest and newest features in P4V. (61:49 mins.)

Download the Perforce P4V Presentation

Perforce Performance

Repository Structure Considerations for Performance

by Michael Shields and Tim Brazil, Perforce Software, Inc.

This talk describes Perforce database structures and advises how to use this knowledge to help maximize server performance. (42:15 mins.)

Download the Perforce Performance White Paper| Perforce Performance Presentation

Advanced Server Administration Workshop Presentations

Perforce Server Deployment Best Practices

by Tom Tyler, Perforce Software, Inc.

An overview of the best practices that Perforce Consulting applies when setting up a Perforce server.

Download the Perforce Server Deployment White Paper | Perforce Server Deployment Presentation

Better Living Through New Releases

by Richard Baum, Perforce Software, Inc.

Learn about recent performance-related improvements and how you can benefit from them.

Download the Perforce Server Releases White Paper | Perforce Server Releases Presentation

When Lightning Strikes

by Russell Jackson and Richard Baum, Perforce Software, Inc.

This talk focuses on high availability and disaster recovery solutions for Perforce.

Download the Perforce High Availability Options White Paper | Perforce High Availability Options Presentation