One-Click Access to File History

Simple Versioning in File Explorer 

Get desktop access to Helix Core files from the familiar file management environment of Microsoft's File Explorer. P4EXP provides a transparent and simple platform for version control for artists, administrators, and developers.

Helix Plugin for File Explorer (P4EXP)

Compare file changes immediately within P4EXP's diff tool, visualizing branch history and change history from P4EXP's graphical tools, including revision graph and timelapse view. Manage the complete history of your project from your Explorer desktop client. 

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File Explorer Features

Version your work easily with P4EXP, providing all users with an intuitive application that can be managed with no formal training from your desktop.

Folder Access to VCS Functions

The P4EXP software integration gives developers direct access to all files within Helix Core from the standard File Explorer context menu, making traditional source code functions simple for both novice and expert users.

Desktop Workspace Shortcuts

Quickly access Helix Core folders, where version files are stored, with desktop shortcuts that can be accessed directly from the File Explorer software integration. Developers save time with P4EXP by avoiding needless context switches and gaining desktop access to the versioned depot files. 

Right-Click VCS Menu 

From Windows File Explorer, you can add, edit, or review file history from the File Explorer desktop client. Quickly view the status of each file prior to checkout, and get complete details right from your desktop. In the Pending Changelists view, you can easily manage changelists and files opened in Helix Core.

File History with Timelapse View

Easily manage file versions to compare and contrast content across projects with the P4EXP development plugin. Simply drag versions together to view line-by-line changes and additions. For more in-depth scrutiny, launch the Timelapse view for an interactive and graphical view of a file's entire contents.

Keep Data Safe

Multi-factor authorization (or MFA) and Helix SAML work with popular authenticators, such as Ping Identity and Okta, to ensure that the people accessing your system are who they claim to be. Version control tools store the most valuable assets our customers have – their intellectual property. Keep your data safe, and know that only authorized people can access your data.

File Explorer GUI Tools

Easier management of versioned files for novice and expert users through P4EXP, the integrated software plugin that connects your instance of Helix Core with the familiar File Explorer GUI.

System Requirements

Access Helix Core from File Explorer:

  • P4EXP is compatible with Helix Core versions 2016.1 and higher.
  • Runs on Windows 10, 8.1, 7 (provided Microsoft .NET 4.5 is installed).

Desktop Plugin for File Explorer