Perfecto Launches Latest Version of Scriptless Mobile to Help Organizations Streamline Test Creation at Enterprise Scale

Perfecto Scriptless Mobile simplifies test creation for even the most complex native mobile use cases and enables enterprise-level scalability.

MINNEAPOLIS, April 18, 2023 – Perfecto by Perforce, a leading provider of mobile testing solutions, is proud to announce the release of the latest version of its scriptless mobile testing automation tool. Perfecto Scriptless Mobile provides enterprise scale support for complex native mobile testing, making it an essential tool for organizations looking to improve their mobile testing efforts quickly and efficiently.  

The latest enterprise version of Perfecto Scriptless Mobile provides teams with the ability to rapidly create and execute tests regardless of their level of coding knowledge and allows QA teams to easily build even the most complex test cases while increasing productivity for developers. Perfecto Scriptless Mobile is fully compatible with current Perfecto test automation features and integrates seamlessly into customers’ existing testing infrastructure. 

With growing consumer expectations and usage of mobile applications, it is critical for businesses to ensure their mobile apps work seamlessly across all platforms and devices. The latest version of Scriptless Mobile makes this task easier than before. Its simple, yet powerful drag-and-drop functionality allows users of all skill levels to easily create, evaluate, and execute tests without the need for coding. 

Thomas Haver from M&T Bank participated in Perfecto’s Design Partner Program for the release and commented on the experience: “Scriptless Mobile turned automation from a tester activity into a team activity since everyone could do it.”  

Scriptless Mobile allows organizations to scale their testing efforts efficiently and effectively as their portfolio grows. With this new scalability, organizations can ensure that their mobile applications are tested thoroughly, reducing the risk of costly errors and defects. 

In addition to GUI functional testing, Scriptless Mobile also supports advanced use cases including biometrics, audio/video, image injection, secure and regular text, and network virtualization.  

Glen John from Bell Mobility said, “This tool will greatly improve our testing efficiency, giving us the ability to perform more testing more often, leading to faster qualification times.”  

Christian Nguyen from AXA had a similar outlook stating, “Scriptless Mobile enables us to onboard more business and functional users on this platform and share the idea that users can start test automation activities without any technical skills.”  

To learn more about the latest version of Perfecto Scriptless Mobile and see its powerful capabilities in action, users can sign up for a free, 14-day trial at 

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