What You Get With Helix Core

Helix Core is version control software that delivers high performance at scale. You can have developers working on code in multiple locations. And you can easily manage massive monolithic codebases.

Helix Core Delivers...

  • A single source of truth for all code, large binary files, and digital assets.
  • Unrivaled scalable architecture to keep global teams in sync.
  • Enterprise-grade security, including SSO, AD/LDAP, and MFA.
  • Customizable, automated workflows — including Perforce Streams for branching.
  • Immutable change history to satisfy audit and compliance needs.

Helix Core Costs Less Than ClearCase

It starts free for up to 5 users and 20 workspaces. Then licenses are less expensive than ClearCase. Fill out the form to try it out today.

Why Teams Switch From ClearCase to Helix Core

ClearCase version control used to be cutting edge. Now ClearCase can’t cut it.

Seamless Migration

Move your monolith to Helix Core and modernize it without missing a beat.

Faster Performance

Deliver files to global teams much faster than ClearCase MultiSite can.

Stronger Security

Get file-level access control, auditability, and support for SSO and MFA.

Lower Costs

Say goodbye to expensive ClearCase licenses and intensive admin work.

"From a developer productivity perspective, there is absolutely no comparison. Merge or integration tasks that would take days to complete in ClearCase — and often involve multiple people — are now done in hours.”

Bruce Painter, Software Engineering Manager for Amdocs

Ready to Get Started?

See for yourself why ClearCase users are switching to Helix Core.