Why Teams Switch From ClearCase to Helix Core

ClearCase version control used to be cutting edge. Now ClearCase can’t cut it.

Seamless Migration

Move your monolith to Helix Core and modernize it without missing a beat.

Faster Performance

Deliver files to global teams much faster than ClearCase MultiSite can.

Stronger Security

Get file-level access control, auditability, and support for SSO and MFA.

Lower Costs

Say goodbye to expensive ClearCase licenses and intensive admin work.

"From a developer productivity perspective, there is absolutely no comparison. Merge or integration tasks that would take days to complete in ClearCase — and often involve multiple people — are now done in hours.”

Bruce Painter, Software Engineering Manager for Amdocs

Ready to Get Started?

See for yourself why ClearCase users are switching to Helix Core.

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Helix Core is set apart by its high performance, scalability, and increased productivity for hardware and software product development teams.

Start Your ClearCase Migration

At one time, the IBM Rational ClearCase tool was on the cutting edge of technology and SCM features. Today, however, some of ClearCase source control’s technology can actually impede adoption of DevOps processes. DevOps automation is necessary to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. As a result, many teams have come to realize that IBM ClearCase no longer meets their needs.

Helix Core Has You Covered

No matter what ClearCase version you use, Helix Core is the best alternative solution. The ability to support extremely large quantities of files – both source code and non-code assets – of virtually any size, makes Helix Core the best fit. The advanced, seamless branching and merging features provide teams with ultimate flexibility.