What Do You Get For Free?

Up to 5 Users and 20 Workspaces. No End Date.

Helix Core delivers high performance at scale. You can have developers working on code in multiple locations. And you can easily manage large files and complicated data.

What Helix Core Delivers

  • Single source of truth for all code, large binary files, and digital assets.
  • Unrivaled scalable architecture to keep global teams in sync.
  • Enterprise-grade security with SSO, AD/LDAP, and MFA.
  • Customizable, automated workflows — including Perforce Streams for easier branching and merging.
  • Immutable change history to satisfy audit and compliance needs.


Why Teams Switch From SVN to Helix Core

SVN is free, but it can’t keep up as your team and files grow. That’s why SVN users switch to Helix Core.

Faster Performance

Achieve what you want to do faster.

Helix Core empowers global teams to access and manage files at LAN speed (without the WAN wait).

Endless Scalability

Scale without limits. Helix Core can handle everything:

10s of 1,000s of users. 10s of millions of daily transactions, 100s of terabytes of data. And 10,000+ concurrent commits.

Stronger Security

Get access control and auditability.

Helix Core can secure access down to the file-level. It has built-in auditability. And Helix Core offers support for SSO and MFA.

"Perforce nails rock-solid version control right out of the box, with hands down the best performance I’ve seen from any version control product. We pretty much walked out of the Stone Age and into the light."

Jay Eager, Senior Programmer at Drake Software

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