How to Connect Helix DAM Projects to Existing Helix Core Streams

With the Helix DAM and Helix Core integration, you can combine digital asset management with version control to fully sync your tool suite. You can also use Helix DAM with existing assets in Helix Core, pulling in assets that are already stored in Helix Core’s streams feature.  

Note that in addition to connecting Helix DAM projects to stream-based depots in Helix Core, you can now also connect classic depots (also called local depots in Helix Core). That means Helix DAM supports every depot type, as well as the ability to mix and match, giving your team the ultimate flexibility for their assets and workflow. 

Here’s how it works:  

  • First, when creating a new project, use the toggle button to disable the “Automatically create Helix Core depot” setting.  You'll be able to select whether you want to link to a stream-based depot or a classic depot.
  • Then, if you select a classic depot, you'll be able to name the branch display name and link a file path. To link stream-based depots and set up your Helix Core pathing, select the depot and mainline that contains the Helix Core streams you would like to view and manage in Helix DAM. (Note: You can also import the same streams for multiple projects.) 
  • Lastly, Select the streams that you would like to show in Helix DAM. You will be able to later toggle these streams on and off if something changes. 



This process allows you to work directly in Helix DAM while versioning in the background. 

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