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A Guide From Key DevOps Industry Experts

“Accelerating Software Quality” is a must-read for software developers, testers, and managers on their journey to a more mature DevOps workflow.

This third installment by best-selling author and testing expert, Eran Kinsbruner, is packed with proven best practices, real life examples, and many other open source and commercial solution recommendations that are set to shape the future of DevOps together with ML/AI.

Led by Perforce and written by and for DevOps professionals across the industry, the book covers:

  • The fundamentals of AI and ML in software development and testing, including the basics for testing AI-based applications, classifications of AI/ML, and defects tied to AI/ML.
  • Practical advice and recommendations for using AI/ML-based solutions within software development activities, like visual AI test automation, AI in test management, testing conversational AI apps, RPA benefits, and API testing.
  • More advanced and future-focused angles of AI and ML with projections and unique use cases, including AI and ML in logs observability, AIOps, how to maintain AI/ML test automation, and test impact analysis with AI.

Created in collaboration with over 20 industry experts, Perforce believes this book will enable readers to be better positioned to make decisions as they adopt AI/ML technologies as part of their DevOps journey.

Order your copy by 10/31 to receive a special launch price discount.

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Contributing Authors

  • Eran Kinsbruner, Chief Evangelist, Perfecto
  • Tariq King, Chief Scientist,
  • Jason Arbon, CEO,
  • Jennifer Bonine, CEO, AI Appstore
  • Jonathon Wright, Co-Founder, CTO, Digital-Assured
  • Ran Bechor, Principal Solutions Architect, Data Scientist, Perfecto
  • Roy Nuriel, Sr. Director Product Management,
  • Charlie Klein, Product Marketing Manager,
  • Shani Shoham, CEO at 21
  • Thomas Haver, Automation Architect, International Speaker, Writer
  • Tzvika Shahaf    VP, Product Managemet, Perfecto
  • Raj Subrameyer, International Keynote Speaker, Writer, Tech Career Coach 
  • Christoph Börner, CEO, Founder, Botium Gmbh
  • Florian Treml, CTO, CO-Founder, Botium Gmbh
  • Nico Kruger, Director of Global Sales Engineering, Perforce
  • Justin Reock, Chief Architect, OpenLogic
  • Chuck Gehman, Technical Marketing Engineer, Perforce Software
  • Andrew Bedford, Software Developer, KlockWork
  • Claude Bolduc, Software Dev. Manager, KlockWork
  • Konstantin Popov, Software Architect, KlockWork
  • Eran Sher, Co-Founder, SeaLights
  • Yoram Mizrachi, CTO, Founder, Perfecto
  • Ahmed Datoo, Co-Founder, COO,  Mesmer

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