What Is A Good Injection Attack Defense?

Today, software controls our computers, mobile devices, cars, and even life-saving devices like insulin pumps. Software even has influence over our electricity, water, and transportation. 

These systems are often interconnected, resulting in a growing network effect. Because software is such an integral part of almost every industry, software security is mission critical. 

This resource focuses on the prevention of injection vulnerabilities which refers to the ability of an attacker to insert specific commands into the application or code that will execute undesired behavior on their behalf.  

This white paper explores in-depth the risk of injection attacks and how to prevent them with the help of static code analysis.  

You’ll Learn: 

  • Detailed descriptions of injection attack weakness and vulnerabilities.   
  • How software security issues present to the end user and the developer.  
  • Clear inject attack mitigation strategies to help resolve each issue.  
  • How static code analysis is your best weapon against injection attacks.