Agile Software Development Pairs Perfectly With Static Analysis

To keep pace with customer demands on software functionality as well as time-to-market expectations, software developers must develop efficient, high-quality code faster.

As a result, Agile software development has become more common and necessary practice. However, to fully realize the benefits of Agile software development, software development teams must implement a reliable process for ensuring that their code is free of defects and security vulnerabilities.

In “How Static Analysis Automates Agile Development”, our software development experts examine how static analysis can enhance Agile software development and empower teams. What’s more, you’ll also learn:

  • How to keep pace with demands on software functionality.
  • A repeatable process to meet time-to-market expectations.
  • Methods to ensure code is free of defects and security vulnerabilities.
  • The roadmap to achieve in-phase bug containment while fully realizing Agile core principles.

Automate Agile Software Development with Static Analysis. Learn How.