Build Your Static Code Analysis Business Case 

Organizations using a SCA with CI significantly improve the reliability and security of the software as well as increase productivity.  

Static code analysis identifies defects that aren’t easy to find. This guide will help your business build a case for implementing SCA and CI with an in-depth look at myths, truths, and proven success stories.  

What's Inside: 

  • Clear steps to use static code analysis (SCA) to accelerate testing. 
  • Clear steps to implement Continuous Integration (CI). 
  • Clear steps to seamlessly integrate with modern CI environments.  
  • Common static code analysis myths. 
  • Klocwork case studies. 

SCA Improves Code and Reduces Costs 

“We examined our cost effectiveness with static code analysis [and] found a 20% improvement in the cost of correcting bugs over the previous tool.” — Mr. Yohei Fujiwara, chief assurance engineer, ACCESS Co., Ltd.