Semiconductor designs are most efficiently managed as related sets of functional blocks.

You can achieve significant benefits — accelerated delivery, reduced risks, lower costs — by aligning your development flow accordingly.

And Methodics IPLM was developed specifically to enable this workflow.

Partitioning Without Compromise

Methodics IPLM enables users to abstract each functional block to a special data object, called an IP. By abstracting to the IP-level, powerful top down flows that simultaneously maintain a real-time connection to the lowest level design data are made possible.

As complexity increases and design cycles shrink, it is increasingly critical to partition designs optimally using an IP management system that provides full traceability — while removing any overhead burden from the end user.

Read this white paper to learn how Methodics IPLM makes this possible with discussion of:

  • IP-Level Design
  • Architecting the Design
  • Full Traceability
  • Optimal Partitioning With Methodics IPLM

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