Most enterprise design and development environments are distributed around the world. This creates stress on the development infrastructure.

You need 24/7 availability, zero downtime, and real-time visibility into data. And your infrastructure tools need to understand these requirements and be architected to enable high availability.

The Need for High Availability in IPLM Systems

For more traditional EDA tools in the design workflow, the concept of high availability is nonexistent. But for enterprises that have worldwide operations, HA is critical.

Methodics IPLM has built-in high availability (HA) as a key part of its requirement to manage and track IP-centric design flows. Without HA, if a failure were to temporarily disable access to Methodics IPLM, it would impact the team in a significant way.

Read this white paper to learn how Methodics IPLM enables high availability architecture for enterprise IPLM with discussion of:

  • High availability concepts
  • HA vs. disaster recovery
  • Architecting Methodics IPLM to support HA
  • Stateless servers
  • Database clustering

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