In the increasingly competitive semiconductor market, getting a product out on time is of critical importance.

Missing market windows by even a few months can mean the difference between being highly profitable vs. breaking even — or even losing millions in revenue.

In this scenario, it is of critical importance for teams to be able to reuse existing, proven IPs to reduce development time, complexity, and cost.

Fast and Seamless IP Reuse

An IP lifecycle management solution like Methodics IPLM is designed to help customers adopt an IP-centric design flow to address this need.

To fully capitalize on IP reuse, the IPLM system needs to be built from the ground up to handle the realities and complexities of identifying and reusing IP resources.

This white paper discusses one of the key components of Methodics IPLM — the graph database — with discussion of:

  • What is a graph database?
  • Hierarchy in IPLM systems.
  • Picking the right tools. 

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